May 8, 2015




  • To be treated as a co-worker
  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be provided with feedback on your job performance
  • To know what is expected of you
  • To take part in planning and feel free to make suggestions
  • To be provided with sound guidance and direction
  • To apply for a change in your volunteer position when desired
  • To be given a suitable assignment with consideration given to preference, experience and education
  • To be given recognition


  • To observe strict confidentiality at all times
  • To show interest and knowledge in the conference
  • To ask about things when not understood
  • To be willing to learn
  • To be dependable, prompt and reliable
  • To be flexible, considerate and patient with others
  • To respect the thoughts and feelings of others
  • To find a place for yourself on the team and become a team member